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Introducing the Zymurgs!

Every great inventor must have had an assistant. Some we know about like Watson from Alexander Graham Bell. Even in modern pop culture Felonious Gru (the Minions boss who is an “evil” inventor) has his little assistants. And who can forget Igor, who is the selfless hunchback assistant of Dr. Frankenstein.

I wanted a representation of this assistant concept. Who doesn’t love the round and loveable BB-8 robot from Star Wars? So I wanted a short and likeable character that could be the dependable fixer around the brewpub. Meet a new race of fixer robot known as Zymurgs (after the word Zymurgy, the study or practice of fermentation). We had a Facebook call to action to help us name the bots, err Zymurgs and we have decided that their names are: Wattson (Green) and Fermi (Pink).

It probably spoils the joke to have to explain it, but here I go anyways. Thomas A. Watson, as mentioned earlier in this post after Bell’s assistant, but “Watt” after James Watt the inventor of the steam engine. (Double whammy!) As for Fermi, named after Enrico Fermi who invented the nuclear reactor and has several patents in the field of nuclear power.

This pic shows them holding up two of the elements in our logo, a sprocket and an Edison bulb. We plan on keeping them around as they will help us fix up all sorts of things, I sure hope they don’t get in trouble, but even if they do, I’ll forgive them,…since they are too darn cute.


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