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Ozaukee Press Covers Location Announcement

We were only in town for 14 days when the first Ozaukee press article covered that a brewer is “Bringing His Brew to Port.” I told them I didn’t want to do the article until I had a location secured. They did the piece on my background instead and implied that they would probably do another article when more details on a place, date, etc was available. If everything would have worked out with the first building, this article would have most likely ran back in January. That’s behind us now and we look to future and all the opportunities that this historic building near Lake Michigan has to offer.

I wanted to make one clarification from the article which said “it takes 8 months to get a State brewing permit.” In reality the federal government says I can expect about 6 months, (could be worse, if we were trying to import tobacco) then the State of WI will let me submit after I receive my Fed Brewers Notice. That should be 3-4 weeks. And another 2-3 weeks for my first batches of beer to ready after making them. So that where the 8 months came into play.

Enjoy & Prost!

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