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Call For Makers

& tinkerers & artists & inventors.

I started a mission statement, I’m not sure it’s finished, but this is part of my first draft: “Inventors Brewpub is dedicated to educating minds, inspiring inventors and advancing opportunities for makers of all ages and experience levels. Our décor will celebrate inventions and the people who create them.”

For instance, one of the things I’m planning on having is an old crank-style phone mounted on the wall with a plaque next to it that says something like “Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone on March 10, 1876 and the first words spoken were ‘Mr. Watson, come here. I want you!'” (and for the uber-nerds it was Patent#174,465)

What I’d really like is to develop a solid relationship and partner with people who create (makers, tinkerers, artisans, welders, glass blowers, inventors, etc.) especially those who are also craft beer enthusiasts. Some of the ideas I have right now are:

– wall of gears – scale model replica of Leonardo DaVinci’s flying machine [see above] – handmade tools, devices, instruments – unique 3D printed or laser cut models – drawings/paintings of patents [see below] or “how things work” (who doesn’t love exploded diagrams?!) – welded, brazed or unique material art pieces optical illusion display pieces

What are we missing? please share in the comments. Please send contact names/numbers/emails to, we can’t wait to hear from you.


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