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Beer Haiku

Hops, Malt and Water

Are the main ingredients

Yeast will make it Beer


For those who aren't familiar with the poetry stylings of a Haiku, they are very simple to read, write and understand. Every one is just 3 lines with the first line contains 5 syllabels, the second contains 7 and the third contains 5 again. That's it! Here's a few more examples that I like.

Desperate effort To catch the falling six pack Only five survive (Written by Captain Hops on

Cloudy, foamy brew Bubblegum and banana Great hefeweizen

(CFCforlife via

More bourbon county I have yet to see such things Goose island you tease

(JaredSammy via

What beer do I see? The one sitting before me A good brew indeed!

(IowaBiertrinker via

Now you'll have a spot to share your best beer haiku at the bar!

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