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Ouch, my timeline just became painful!

I thought starting a business was enough of a challenge, but having to do it with one hand behind my back isn't going to happen. I'm going to need some helping hands unless this project is to be put on hold for an additional two months.

If you want the short story I severed a tendon while doing some light and safe demolition.

The long story involves this little sharp piece of porcelain roof tile. The west and back wall has block windows that were boarded up because presumably in the late 70s some kids threw rocks. (see pic)

We were taking down the plywood using pry bars and one tile shot off and hit me on the right wrist. At first the blood was gushing and so bad, I thought I had severed an artery. Two of my volunteers took me to the emergency room where my wife and kids joined me and when I took the paper towels off of pressure I noticed that it wasn't bleeding that bad. Thankfully, there was no severed vein or artery (just a branch!). But after it was numbed and cleaned and inspected, the doctor noticed a severed tendon.

The hand surgery was not available and so he just stitched the skin. We went back to the building to do more work and found this lovely shard sitting on the bar. Volunteers found it in the grass while I was at the hospital. You can see in the profile view the lovely blade that tile became when it broke from the roof. You could skin a deer with that, eh?

I saw the surgeon today (Monday), and after he assessed my injury, he assumed based on the current function of the hand, wrist, and elbow, that he would not opt for surgery. I go back next week for another evaluation and to remove stitches. It will be a few months before full functionality will return through normal use. I'm not looking forward to this long recovery process.

This is where I don't want to, but sort of need to ask for help. Fish Day is still on for July 15th, and we've already announced the soft (August 9) and grand (September 1) opening dates. If at all possible, we still want to be open to the public these dates, with a remodeled bar and restaurant. It's already difficult to open a new business, but it's become even more so with limited use of my hand... this is where we could use help. Contact me if you're able and willing! We're recruiting for the Brewpub Battalion any days from July 6 - 17, 19-31. Prost and Danke schön!

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