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20 Beers? No Problem.

Step one to join the Inventors Brewpub Mug Club is to get your name on the wall. How do you do that? By signing up for a free punch card and drinking 20 different styles of beer. (there are 98 different styles at the GABF, 157 if you count the sub-styles) So our 20, is really taking all those styles and grouping them in 20 boxes. Just try one beer from each "box" and we'll punch your card. Once complete, we'll add your name to Wall of Fame.

beerdrinker wall of fame

This is great education for those who aren't familiar with different styles and gets people drinking "outside the box" (outside the bottle? can?). I've had Bud Light drinkers really come to enjoy the Duchesse de Bourgogne style sour all because of the punch card.

Our staff can help you decide the easiest drinking IPA if you don't care for bitter beers, and talk you through the styles, so you have a better idea what flavors are to be expected in a Barleywine or Hefeweiss, for instance. If you'd like to read more, please check out our guide to 20 styles of beer.

front punch card

back punch card

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