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Inventors Brewpub Mug Club

Join the Mug Club for $50*, here's what you get!

1. 20oz dimpled logo mug 2. 25% more beer for the same price 3. Custom pottery mug (made in WI) 4. Choice of a hat or shirt 5. Good vinyl stickers (see details) 6. Pre-order Inventors Brewpub brewery workshirts 7. Annual mug club party 8. Official mug club keychain

9. 15% off all merchandise purchases

Finer Details: One 20oz dimpled mug to take home, and access to the 20oz mug at the brewpub 25% more beer for the same price applies to 16oz pours (10oz pours and bottle/can beer excluded.) Good vinyl stickers, these are waterproof, UV proof, dishwasher proof, basically just short of indestructible Inventors Brewpub brewery workshirts available to employees and members only ($55 for sizes S-XL, $60 for larger sizes.) only $35 to renew for subsequent years. (renew by the end of the month of the following year. aka if you signed up on June 4th, you have until June 30th of the following year, we'll send an email reminder)

*must have completed 20 beer styles punch card first

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