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Poutine - the undiscovered comfort food

poutine - a piece of food art

We have many people that will come in to the restaurant and ask "What's Poutine?" which is understandable, since I never heard of it until I worked for a three-week stint in northern Quebec Province of Canada. What is less understandable is how reluctant people are at trying said poutine.

Me: Do you like French Fries?

Person: Yes!

Me: Do you like gravy?

Person: Yes, usually on my potatoes.

Me: (French fries are made of potatoes.) Do you like cheese curds?

Person: I'm from Wisconsin, my blood is cheese curd positive.

Me: Do you want to put three awesome things together and try poutine?

Person: I'll have the cheeseburger with fries.

So, it's my mission to not have every person in Wisconsin actually know what poutine is, but even try it someday. We just had a food booth with free poutine samples at the Belgium Chamber of Commerce Brew and Chew event on Saturday. Since this was a very small commitment of only 4 oz ounces, I'd say about 2/3rd of the people actually tried it. For those of you who have tried it, I don't need to promote it anymore, you already know it's really great comfort food. Thanks for being awesome!


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