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American Flag Disposal

There are very few times that talking about waste will make people think patriotically. In this case we are honoring our nation's flag by giving it a respectful disposal. The American Legion organization holds special burning ceremonies all over the US for this particular service of properly disposal of flags.

not for mail

The chapters in Ozaukee County have agreed that each chapter will take turns and host the flag burning ceremony (held around October) each year. Throughout the year flags are turned in and saved until the annual event. When leasing the space I noticed the large US post box with an American Legion emblem decal that has been converted for a new task with big letters that says "not for mail."

I thought it would be filled up maybe once or twice a year. I greatly underestimated how important this service was to people. This mailbox is emptied sometimes weekly depending on the time of year and fills up fast and is emptied often! But think about all the flags that we Americans use and display. Even the tiny little ones make their way into this collection receptacle. That and the fact that there are only a few other dropoff points throughout the entire county, it is a busy receptacle.

So the box might not look like much, but I'm so glad the American Legion offers and provides their volunteer service to respect and properly dispose of our flags.

I'll offer an patriotic "Cheers"!

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