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Fix that Drain!

This will be more of a photo guided entry describing the improved brewery floor and drain repair. This first pic reminds me of a backstage of theater and props scattered everywhere. This was the day I took over the lease. This area in the garage was neglected with hardly any lights and the floor had 1/2 inch of silt. It was to become the brewery corner.

These two pics show the same corner before and after epoxying the floor. I first power washed and scrubbed several times with soap and water. Rinse and Repeat! Then it became the brewery floor but there were two pain-in-the-butt issues. 1. the drain didn't really work. 2. even if the drain worked all the liquids flowed to the east wall anyways and needed to be squeegeed, a lot. So the Legion hired Greisch Plumbing to get it fixed. There were two subcontractors (Jim's Excavating and Joe Rychtik Construction) They all did great! This pic shows the trench and filled in holes outside professionally dug and plumbed by Jim's.

The ground was pretty hosed after the flood, so we didn't really even care that the front lawn looked a bit messy.

Next they moved into the brewhouse and Greisch and Rychtik took over. They worked hard to break it up with some tools but Joe's saw and air hammer made short work of this.

They stubbed out the cleanout and then set the real drain.

Lastly it just needed some fresh concrete and perfect slope to the drain. I had a chance to try it out tonight (2 days later) and it works great! Prost!

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