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tour wall at inventors brewpub with signatures

For those of you who have had the privilege of a tour at Inventors Brewpub you'll recognize this wall. After each tour we give people the option of signing the wall with a sharpie. Usually it consists of their name, the date and where they are from. (Never end a sentence in a preposition.) We have had visitors from all of the US and other countries like Boliva and England. The Gervers were the first to sign the wall (can you find their name? it's like a horrible Where's Waldo) It's fun to see some of my friends from Iowa and Colorado that have come visit as well. Next time you visit on a friday and CaptnAdam is around, ask for a tour and then you can be on the wall too! Prost!

#brewery #tour #nanobrewery #stainlesssteel #fermentation

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