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December Happenings

So many things going on in Dec and winter that it's worth sharing an email newsletter sharing a bunch of it.

1. Inventor Skillz - This Saturday will be the first of a new series called "Inventors Skillz" this is STEAM based and hands-on fun learning for kids 8-18 years old. 2nd Saturdays of each month from 9-11AM. The first one Dec 8th is on 3D printing and we'll make snowflake ornaments to keep. There will also be some pre-printed items to study/play with.

2. Ornament - We are selling this ornament (see pic) for $3 a piece and all proceeds are going to the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. See bartender for ornaments. Each one is unique and lasered by CaptnAdam.

3. Stradivari Sour - If you haven't had the newest staff collab beer and you like sours, this one is a must! Beth designed the flavor combos of cranberries, orange and almonds.

4. Winter Market - Last year we hosted this once a month, we now host it twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 9AM-1PM. Typically at least 14 vendors ranging from honey, granola, popcorn, soap, cupcakes, canned goods, apple products, coffee, kombucha, elk meat, eggs, maple syrup, oh yeah and vegetables. Don't forget about those. Inventors has breakfast burritos and Bloody Murrays available too!

5. Cardio/Strength/Yoga and beer! Ok, we are close to getting the yoga, but don't have the details finalized yet. We do have the details for the Cardio-Strength Workout though. It includes your first beer with entry. Signup at the bar.

6. Michael McAllister (known in the mugclub as "Navarch") is hosting Big Questions, Thirsty Souls on Tuesday nights at 6PM. My legal advisor would probably say that I need to state that "the ideas and opinions that are expressed during this event do not necessarily reflect the opinions and stance of Inventors Brewpub"

7. Lastly, New Years Eve we will be hosting our 2nd annual family Pajama Party! Its free! Show up with your kids dressed in their PJ's and bring some pillows/blankets in case they crash in the middle of the party. Then enjoy the free snacks, the beer, atmosphere, other families, games, prizes, etc. We'll have early celebrations at 10PM and 11PM as well as free bubbly for the adults and sprite for the kids. When's the last time you went to the "bar" for New Years Eve?!

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