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Family Pajama Party (New Years Eve)

pajama party poster for new years eve 6PM

This event came out of a need and an accident. Last year, we weren't certain that Inventors Brewpub would be a sought after venue for celebrating New Years or not so we spent a little money and had a few staff on hand, just in case. I stuck around to make sure if it got busy that I could jump in where needed. My wife and kids thought they would "hang out" with Daddy and they brought their blankets and pillow pets and the like. Turns out there were several other families with kids that thought we were a good venue for the whole family. We didn't get much business at all but it made us realize that families normally CANNOT go out on New Years due to all the parties invites that say "Adults only." So this is the ying to that yang.

2nd Annual Family Pajama Party goes from 6PM to close on Dec 31st. Kids are highly encouraged to wear their favorite PJ's and bring blankets, pillows, stuffed animals. We'll have games and prizes and free snacks. Yes, we expect it to get messy, but all great parties get messy, am I right!?

We'll have the ball drops on the big screen and do all the early ones in case the kids decide to retire early. We'll bring out free Sprite for the kids and adult bubbly for the adults. By then, my house "lemon lime soda" should be replacing the boxed Sprite we have on the soda gun.

Party favors will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own or something else that will add to the festivities! Lastly, we hope that everybody is safe that evening. Ozaukee Taxi will be running for free that night from 9PM-4AM just call 284-TAXI (8294) for a pickup. See you then!

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