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Wedding Celebration Featuring Breweries

Sept 29th 2018 was a special day for Ben and Michelle. They got married in Ben's state of Georgia. Michelle is from Wisconsin and they both like craft beer.

Wedding seating chart featuring breweries like Inventors Brewpub

A very unique way they used to set assigned seating at their wedding was to theme each table with a different brewery. Then each guest knew which table by all the swag, stickers, coasters, bottles, etc.

Inventors Brewpub swag at wedding table

Wisconsin breweries represented were: New Glarus Brewing, Lakefront, Sprecher, MKE Brewing, City Lights and a much smaller one you may have heard of...Inventors Brewpub.

Inventors Brewpub swag at wedding table

Georgia breweries represented were: Monday Night Brewing, Sweetwater, Cherry Street, Three Taverns, Red Brick and Olcmulgee.

Inventors Brewpub swag at wedding table

A very cool way to celebrate you wedding. Thanks Michelle and Ben!


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