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Level 2 Punchcard

level 2 punchcard inventors brewpub

We have had many people want to do a second round of our first "beer styles punchcard" but we have been holding off. Holding off until now! We call it our Level 2 Punchcard! This is similar to the first card in that it has 20 punches for 20 different beers, but differs in several ways.

1. Only people who have completed the Level 1 can begin the 2nd level. (can't do these at the same time)

2. half the card has Inventors beers on it, so therefore draft only. (mugclubbers can still get 25% more on pint-sized beers though!)

3. the other half of the card is geographical. 5 states: Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan and Colorado. Also 5 countries: England, Belgium, Germany, Canada and other continent.

4. Another benefit is that in this round, you don't need to keep it in your wallet, we will store it behind the bar for you in a fancy Rolodex. You are welcome to carry it with you, however.

5. To help build our Monday and Tuesday business, this punchcard is only active on these two days. Therefore the people that complete this card are of a very elite group of locals. No weekend visitors are going to be part of this club!


1. as mentioned, we hold the card behind the bar for you. (just ask your bartender to retrieve it)

2. Upon completion, you'll receive a $20 gift card to Inventors Brewpub

3. Also, we'll "brand" your existing plaque on the wall so people know you completed the 2nd level.

level 2 punch card back

level 2 punch card front

Who will be the first of round 2?!


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