our historic building

In 1847 the Lakeside Brewery opened in Port Washington, WI, one year before Wisconsin became a state.   It then became the Port Washington Brewing Company in 1905 and after prohibition, it officially was called Old Port Brewing Company.  (It’s Premo beer’s slogan was ‘The Beer that made Milwaukee Furious!')  After closing in 1947, several of the old buildings were torn down but the newest addition still remains.   Sometime thereafter the American Legion Post 82 took possession of this building located at 435 N. Lake St, Port Washington, WI.  In 2017, Inventors Brewpub has been the current resident tenant since July 1, 2017.

This last photo is a hand-colorized black and white photo that was made into what appears to be a postcard!  You can see St. Mary's Church on the top of the hill but the light station is just out of view.  When you are in Veteran's Memorial Park right across the street from us, you can see the light station clearly just above the Legion Hall building.

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