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our staff


Adam Draeger

Founder & CEO

Engineering Physicist turned brewer. CaptnAdam studied at Siebel Institute in Chicgo and Doemans Academy in Munich. He has won many brewing awards at his two previous Colorado Brewpubs. He grew up in Wisconsin but is now residing in Aurora Colorado.


Sean Dineen

Head Brewer & Bar Manager

A big fan of anything barrel-aged as well as wheat and ambers. Sean's beer knowledge will help you find the beer you will enjoy.


Annabelle Hatfield

Preparer of Positivity

Annabelle is a lifelong resident of Port Washington. She spends her time reading, painting, making the best brewtons, and spreading positivity!


Ash Hammond


Ash has been working in kitchens since 14 years old.Lover of the culinary arts as well as music. In her free time, she loves trying out new recipes or singing at karaoke.


Cameron Huck

General Manager & Owner

Cameron has an extensive career within the craft beer world working with the Milwaukee Brewing Co. and the Lowlands Group. In his travels to Belgium, he fell in love with the Belgian styles along with the Belgian culture. Stop in and have a pint with him.



Taylor Olson

Manager of Awesomeness

Taylor started his career in a brewpub (Grumpy Troll, Mt. Horeb WI) and finds himself back in one.

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Beth McDonald

Cocktail Composer & Resident Chalkboard Artist

Student at UW Milwaukee majoring in music education. I play flute and piccolo and also enjoy painting, drawing, and visual arts.


Julia Maldonado


My name is Julia I’m a part time bartender here at Inventors. I love being able to come in and hang out while greeting and assisting patrons. Bartending is fun and social for me. I’m full time at Aurora and go to school for nursing while owning and operating my own barbershop so free time is limited. That’s why I love bartending because it gives me my getaway!!


Tina Mach

Brew(ton)fessor & Bartender

Tina loves working with her hands and being creative. You can usually find her sewing, beading, quilting, scrapbooking, teaching Zumba classes or making brew-tons!


Michael Garrison


Michael loves the outdoors! Belgian beers is his favorite. On his days off, you will catch him biking!


Jonah Heisler

Expeditor Extraordinaire

I am a burger enthusiast who loves an orange soda with his western burger! If you ever catch me working, odds are Ill be wearing fun socks. I am currently attending Lakeland University for Psychology.


Brady Peacock

Pretzel & Poutine Specialist

Brady is a student at Port Washington High School who plans to pursue a culinary career. In the meantime, he's practicing as a cook. When he's not working, he is most likely bowling!

Bartender & Chef

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