Appetizers (Serves 25pl)                          Prices (Serves 25)

Cheese curds                                          120.00

Giant Pretzel w/ beer cheese                    13.00 each (serves 5-6)

Kettle chips                                            25.00

Meatballs w/ house made bourbon BBQ     40.00 

Chicken Strips                                         40.00 

Sweet Tots                                              70.00


Platters (Serves 25pl)                               Prices (serves 25)

Veggie Platter                                          50.00

Fruit Platter                                             65.00

Cheese & Sausage Cracker platter              60.00


Salads Bowls Prices (serves 25)

Inventors House Salad                              50.00

Caesar Salad                                           50.00


Casual Bars                                             Prices (per person)                                         Included

Taco Bar/Nacho Bar (beef or chicken)         13.00                                       flour tortilla, rice, chips, salsa, fixings.

Pulled Pork Bar                                        13.00                                       fries or kettle chips and choice of salad

Wisconsin Brat Bar                                   12.00                                       fries or kettle chips and choice of salad

Burger Bar                                              15.00                                       fries or kettle chips and choice of salad


Bar Accommodations

  1. Cash Bar - Guests pay for beverages ordered at menu cost.

  2. Open Bar - Guests order any beverages at menu cost to be placed on one tab.

  3. Limited Open Bar - Guests order from a limited selection of beverages chosen by host to be added to one tab. (ex.. Beer and wine only)

  4. Drink tokens - Allows host to offer a specific number of drinks per person good for any beverages the host chooses at menu cost.


The Space

Bier Hall - accommodates seats up to 75pl (includes space for a buffet)

                                                  100pl (overflow out into the biergarden and bar)

No Charge for reserving space in the Bier Hall. Minimum food and beverages charges do apply.

Space Availability

Mon - Tues…………..available evenings only

Wed - Thurs…………available afternoons only 

Fri - Sun……………..available afternoons and evenings

**For food and beverage minimums and availability, please contact Cameron at


Booking Information

  • Minimum of 25 guests for a buffet.

  • Must meet food and beverage minimums before tax and gratuity.

  • A 30% deposit is required 2 weeks after the initial booking(cash or check are accepted). The deposit will go towards the final bill on the date of the event.

  • Final guest count should be received 30 days prior to the event. 

  • All prices may be subject to change.

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