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Edison IPA (6.1%, 79 targeted ibus)

This American-style India Pale Ale is boldly hoppy but not overly bitter.  The light body lets the American citrus hops shine.

Made with: Pale malt, Crystal 20L and hint of acid malt, Simcoe, Centennial and Cascade hops, American ale yeast

Pairs with: spicy food like Mexican or Indian cuisine, bleu cheese, sweet desserts like carrot cake and high fives

PW Golden Ale (5.3%, 19 targeted ibus)

A light and crisp golden ale, our lightest offering and best seller.  This is made with German noble hops and a touch of flaked maize for added character. Although it is not a lager, it is reminscent of a North American Industrial Lager and is quite "crushable."

Made with: Pilsner Malt, Munich Malt, Flaked Maize and a touch of Acid Malt,  German Magnum and Tettnager Hops, American Yeast

Pairs with: brats and hotdogs, poutine, watermelon and hot summer nights.

Ozaukee Wheat (Hefeweizen) (5.2% & 13 targeted ibus)

Affectionally known as OZ Wheat, this beer is an authentic representation of a Bavarian-style Hefeweizen (hefe=yeast, Weizen=wheat). This style is known for a banana character which comes naturally from the yeast.  The cloudy character is also very traditional as well.

Made with: Pilsner Malt, White Wheat, Munich Malt, and a touch of Acid Malt

Pairs with: light foods like salad, weisswurst, fish and seafood, chevre goat cheese and boating on the lake.

Flughosen (Berlinerweiss-style sour ale) (3.7% and 6 targeted ibus)

Sour beer made with natural lactobacillus found on the surface of the malt and kettle soured for 5 days.  Refreshingly tart with no bitterness.  Add himbeer (aka raspberry syrup) to cut the tartness.

Made with: Pilsner malt, white wheat, munich 1 and a touch of acid malt.

Pairs with: greasy food, raspberries and other tart fruits, pecan pie and colorful antacids.

Volta Pale Ale (4.7% and 38 targeted ibus)

A hoppy ale but balanced with malt and a sessionable amount of alcohol.  The crystal malt contributes some color where the biscuit malt contributes toastiness.

Made with: Pale malt, Biscuit malt, Crystal 77L, Simcoe, Chinook and Cascade hops, American ale yeast

Pairs with: meat pies, burgers, cheddar cheese, bread pudding, bananas Foster and Adirondack chairs.

Archimedes Amber (5.0% and 25 targeted ibus)

Copper in color, rich caramel and malty flavors dominate this American-style amber ale.  The honey malt gives it a unique and pleasant finish.  A touch of the Chinook hops which are known for their piney character.

Made with: Pale malt, honey malt and Crystal 20L,  Simcoe and Chinook hops and English ale yeast

Pairs with: Burgers, Chicken, fish frys, chocolate chip cookies and football games.

Reverend Reaper Scottish Ale (5.7% & 19 targeted ibus)

Scottish-style brown ale not to be confused with it's higher alcohol Scotch ale "Big Reaper Wee Heavy".  This beer is malt heavy with roast, toast and caramel notes and English yeast with fruity esters.

Made with: Pale malt, flaked maize, flaked oats, honey malt and debittered black. German Magnum and Northern Brewer hops, English ale yeast

Pairs with: roast pork, grilled salmon, sausage, aged gouda, cashew brittle and a comfy reading chair.

Witbier Von Braun (5.3% & 22 targeted ibus)

Traditional Belgian-style White ale that is cloudy due to the wheat and yeast.  Low in hops and lightly spiced with a balanced coriander, orange peel and chamomile notes. 

Made with: Pilsner malt, White Wheat malt, Munich malt, flaked oats and hint of acid malt.  Tettnager hops, coriander, bitter orange peel, chamomile, and Witbier ale yeast

Pairs with: seafood, steamed mussels, mascarpone on crackers, crepes, sorbet and breakfast.

Tesla's Coil DIPA (9.5% and 129 targeted ibus)

A non-traditional Double IPA using more reddish malts, specifically the honey malt which lends a honey-like flavor/aroma.  The American hops all contribute to lots of citrus and fruit character.

Made with: Pale malt, Biscuit malt, Crystal 20L, Honey malt. Simcoe, Chinook and Falconer's Flight hops, American ale yeast

Pairs with: Bleu Cheese, Indian food, smoked bbq, sweet desserts and classic 80's movies.

SS Porter (4.8% and 22 targeted ibus)

An English-style brown porter with rich dark malts and floor malted Maris Otter direct from England.  Hops are added for balance and not flavor whereas the English ale yeast provided fruity esters.

Made with: Maris Otter floor malted malt, Brown malt, Crystal 77L, Munich malt, Chocolate Malt, debittered black. German Magnum and Northern Brewer hops, English ale yeast

Pairs with: meats like BBQ, bratwurst, hamburger, ribs, smoked cheeses, chocolate desserts and campfires. 

Beach Rock ESB (5.4% and 35 targeted ibus)

Deep red beer with mahogany highlights and a sweet and toasty character.  Hops for balancing sweetness and the English ale yeast contributes more esters than American styles.

Made with: Pale malt, Red X malt, Crystal 40L, Special B malt. German Magnum and Northern Brewer hops, English ale yeast

Pairs with: Burgers, Chicken, seafood, spicy cuisine, rich desserts and laying on the beach in the sun.

Seasonals and Rotating Beers

TLZ (Tender Loving Zombie)

Marmalade on Toast
Big Reaper Wee Heavy
Bucky Fuller's Barleywine
Gutenberg Oktoberfest
4th Floor Disaster
Berried Alive
Lemonardo Da Vinci
Sharkara Black
Sikorsky RIS
Watt's Wonder Imperial Strong

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