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Craft Beer (not Kraft Cheese)

Have you ever eaten good adult macaroni and cheese at a restaurant? It might have cost you $10+ but maybe it contained 4 real cheeses and bacon (who doesn’t love bacon!?!), or roasted peppers and grilled chicken, or maybe pulled pork. Makes you hungry just thinking about it.

I have 3 little girls, they are picky eaters, so I’ve been known to eat the traditional $0.50 box of mac and cheese. I’d much rather have the adult mac that’s twenty times the cost and 10 times the added value (flavor, experience, etc).

You can make a similar comparison with craft beer and macro lagers from the big guys. If you spend $5 on a locally made craft beer that was made in small batches using more flavorful specialty grains and hops, with yeasts sourced from many different countries from around the world, this enhances the drinking experience. The macro lagers deliberately use minimal hops, and nearly flavorless adjunct grains in order to create a product that has so little flavor that it surely will not offend anybody and therefore it will appeal to the most people. Does good adult mac and cheese offend because its “too” flavorful? How absurd?! But at the same time, if you prefer to eat a box of mac occasionally, I’m not going to judge. 🙂

If you already enjoy craft beer, this blog might reinforce your desires to experience new and different styles of beer. On the other hand, if you are a self-proclaimed light beer drinker, just know there are more options available to you beside those $0.50 boxes of mac and cheese. I would never force a person to drink something they weren’t comfortable exploring, but I would enthusiastically spread the word with great fanfare about the multitude of exciting flavors we now have readily available. Oh and $1 for a macro beer at the store compared to $5 for a craft beer at a restaurant is only 5 times the cost at 10 times the added value (flavor, experience, etc).

Dr. Seuss probably says it best in his book Green Eggs and Ham, “Try them, try them, and you may! Try them and you may, I say”


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