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March Interior Update

Been really busy getting the kitchen, bar and brewery to a working state. There is also a lot of decorating that still needs to occur. We could be stressed and anxious about this process but it is exhilarating and fun (but also exhausting and physically taxing too). Not as many pics but a few more sneak peeks at what is happening on the inside.

Adam hauled this 800lb combioven from Denver to PW (bad gas mileage).

The raised area overlooking the patio and marina

Some of the equipment for the events space bar

Front of the main bar using 105 year old barn boards!

Kitchen walk in cooler and drain for icebin.

inside the brewery cooler. it's dirty but look how cool that tiles looks!

Partitions for the bathroom still need the wood added

brewery teardrop shelving for keg storage

the main brewhouse!

The row of fermentors

The elevator works, here was the day they tested it. I never saw that "cup on a stick" before. he holds it over the smoke detector and makes a little bit of smoke that triggers the system. Great invention!

Sinks and hand dryers

MW Control Systems out of Orlando, Fl designed our brew system. This is the bottom of the triple-stacked serving tanks. This manifold allows us to connect to any of the ports just by changing the hose connection here.

Acoustical panels are up in the event hall.

View of the unfinished raised booth walls. (another peek a the barnboards on the main bar)

More interior photos coming as the project progresses.


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3 commentaires

Looks great guys, can't wait!!


This looks fantastic. Looking forward to completion

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It’s going to be great!

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