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Building Project Update - Mid December 2023

Lots of progress has happened since last update, so I thought I would share some more photos and progress descriptions.

After the rest of the metal structure went up they needed to finish the underground plumbing and electrical and prep the ground the rest of the floor slabs.

I like this photo as it shows the size of the building with the boat in the foreground and you also get a full sense of the shape of the builidng for the first time here. You can also see the floor pans that will be holding the 2nd floor concrete floors. The other cool pic is from the lighthouse breakwater looking back across the marina.

This is another great view from the 2nd floor looking south across the entire Northslip. Cameron and me posing with our hard hats

Here are a few shots of the walls and the tyvec going up to enclose the building.

This photo taken from the corner of the Dockside Deli building shows how close our building is to the water. Another reason we needed all those geopiers so the building doesn't slide into Lake Michigan. You can see the crew is starting to add the decorative brick on the West side. Also windows are going in and by the time you read this blog they may all be completed.

For those who were concerned that they are losing the harborwalk it is still over 10ft wide and you could drive a truck down it. Nearly finished decorative brick work. We received a lot of compliments from the community that they really like the look of the brick. Unlike the brick, the siding won't be the final color when it goes up, so I know we'll get lots of pushback on that. We all just need Mother Nature to patina and weather the siding until it looks great. Could be 3-6 weeks depending on weather conditions.

Here's a shot at the hidden angled cross pieces that we buried in the wall in the events space. The ceiling will be black with acoustical sound panels and won't look so industrial like it does here.

We hope this sneek peek gets you as excited as we have been during the building progress. The next update will show interior progress and people will be able to see how they will be able to interact with the building opposed to just looking at the outside this whole time.


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