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Building Update -Jan 2024 - first looks inside

Happy New Year everyone! Our family was in town to celebrate the annual Family Pajama Party at Inventors and then on Tuesday the 2nd, we conducted another walk-thru of the building. I know many are interested to see how the inside is coming along now that the outside is hiding the action. This photo shows a huge sky jack on the harbor walk. There was concern there wouldn't be much room, but there is plenty of space to drive a truck between our building and the railing.

This shows the East raised patio and three rollup doors. Also temporary heat for the workers and materials.

The main bar walls with the windows that look into the beer serving cooler (you'll be able to see the brite tanks used to condition and serve the beer from the restaurant side)

This set of photos is from the kitchen which has moisture rated drywall and FRP (the white washable walls in a typical kitchen). The last two shows urinal and sink stubouts.

The brewery before the tile goes in! Look at the size of the water service stack. The window will be shown again. This faces East from the brewery and will let patrons see some of the equipment from the ADA ramp to the raised area. Bottom left photo is inside the beer serving cooler looking towards the bar. And behind the bar itself.

The raised portion of the restaurant will have high tops, a couch corner and a safety railing. The next two shots are the Lakeside Room in the NE corner of the building. And here is the window at the ADA ramp that shows back into the brewery again.

Here is the Atrium before the metal staircase is installed. Also the framing for the electric (double-sided) fireplace in the front part of the restaurant. Bottom left will be the merchandise corner and host stand. Elevator shaft which is going in very soon.

Beverage service room in the event space as well as two shots showing the Events bar walls.

Here is the warming kitchen which we'll use for internal catering and potential external catered events. Lots of photos of the inside of the events space!

Her is a view from the balcony looking down on the space. The stage will be on the center wall and also a large projection screen. Notice the door in the NW corner is framed with wood temporarily. This will be a Expo Door where we can bring in equipment for a tradeshow, or drive in a foodtruck or bring in cars for a small car show or any other events that require loading and unloading. (the possibilities are endless!)

Finally here is the "grey box" 2nd floor tenant space. Please reach out if you are interested in leasing with one of the best views in town!

These photos represent work-in-process photos and even after we open, I envision adding décor and embellishments to make the spaces even greater. Hopefully these sneak peeks give your imagination something to feast on because remember "Happiness Happens at the Harbor!"


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