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Table Tents – Inventors’ Style

At most breweries (not all) you can find information at each table on beers, events, mug clubs, etc. These are a fancy table-tent for all intents and purposes. The prototype was made with really cool salvaged wood with great weathered look. Once I cut and routed it though, it exposed the inside of the oak and it didn’t look aged anymore, bummer. The uprights are made from 1/2 inch electrical conduit and it runs off 3 AA batteries. Here is the finished product, version 2.0.

I really wanted to have a knife-switch be the on-off for this light/beacon. The double pole switch gives it an evil mad-scientist type feel.

Since the laser was there, it seemed appropriate to engrave the logo into it as well. (I might rub some black wax or something into the emboss as its pretty hard to read on some of the units).

The top support beam is for holding two rings which in turn hold the plastic sleeves. This is for the table info! Lastly, the green orb (actually just an LED inside a translucent ping-pong ball. MacGyver, eat your heart out!)

What do you think of it?


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