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Tomorrow is day one in the building

Can you believe it?! Finally getting a chance to get inside and start the light remodel, painting, and other things to spruce up Legion Hall in preparation for opening. Just a reminder that we are planning a sneak peek (outside only) on July 15th for Fish Day and then will close again to get the rest of the stuff ready for our tiered openings.


July 15th - Fish Day - open outside only, lots of craft beer, cocktails and brats/burgers/hotdogs

Aug 9th - first public opening, limited menus that will expand daily.

Sept 1st - Grand Opening!

It takes some non-self-assured confidence to announce these dates. I know how our fans REALLY want to know, so instead of staying comfortable by keep pushing back the opening date until we think we are ready, I'm gonna just stick my neck out.


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