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Lent and Dopplebock

So it's Lent. If I were living in Germany, I'd probably have a dopplebock. Everyday. Just saying. Actually, while attending Doemens Academy in Grafelfing, Germany (Munich), we were attending during Lent and every brewery would have a Starkbierfest, which means Strong Beer Fest. I'm not sure that I drank one everyday, we typically leaned towards the lower alcohol helles style of beer. We did, however, attend several Starkbierfests. Most notable was the Paulaner version, but it could have been due to the beautiful weather that Saturday.

The German-made dopplebocks are very smooth and when done right won't give you a hangover like other fast-fermented high alcohol beers (due to the higher percentage of fusel alcohols).


At Inventors we have 3 different dopplebocks available from 3 different regions.

1. Paulaner Salvator (the original dopplebock, invented by monks) - Munich, Germany

2. Potosi Northern Method Dopplebock - Potosi Wisconsin (tallboy can)

3. Wasatch Devastator Dopplebock - Salt Lake City, Utah.

Forgot to give my quick history lesson on the name of the style.

Bock means goat in German. But most likely got its name from the Ein Beck area and the High Germans interpreted it as Goat Beer because the word beck sounded like bock. Dopple means, double, but a dopplebock isn't exactly double, just slightly bigger and more alcohol than a standard bock.

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