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Shay's Six Shelf Shuffle

craft beer six shelves

Shay and some craft beer enthusiasts pitched this idea and I love it! It's a semi-random way to select which beer to drink you really, just can't decide. The rules are quite simple, and you can always adjust them however you'd like or feel more comfortable.

Basic Rules:

1. Two dice a) first die=shelf # (count left side top to bottom, then the right side, top to bottom) b) second die=beer slot 2. If you roll a shelf=6 and do not want an Old School style beer, you may select what we call a “parachute beer” (there are always a few beers that we keep floating at the bottom. These are either the last beer of a case or maybe, we didn't have room for a new beer and just pulled a few up front for those to visually see) 3. you choose to count from the left or the right when choosing the beer slot (example on shelf one, if you rolled a four for the slot, counting from the left would give you a Fransikaner Hefe, or from the right, a Surly Hell Lager) 4. You may adjust any of these rules before you roll, but more importantly, just have fun!

Some variations on the rules, you could say that you don't want anything in a bottle, you could re-roll one or both dice to yield the first result that wasn't a bottle. Or maybe you didn't want a beer with more than 6% in alcohol, or nothing with fruit in it, etc.

Makes the choice more interesting as well as more remembered. Give it a try next time you have trouble deciding and are open to trying a new beer!


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